About Us

Our company, is now a third-generation family operated business.Since our inception in 1945 in the Central Province of Sri Lanka, we have prominently established ourselves in the Sri Lankan tea export & plantation industry, providing us access to thousands of acres of Sri Lanka’s best tea plantations, which gives us a strategic advantage when purchasing and collecting the best quality produce at the most competitive prices, directly from the source. We also actively trade in tea auctions. Sri Lanka is known primarily for producing the world’s finest tea for over a century, which is unique in its rich taste, crisp aroma and therapeutic qualities, that makes “Ceylon Tea” the preferred choice for millions of tea connoisseurs the world over.

We at Bughary take pride in presenting, Ceylon’s finest tea to our valued customers, in over 25 countries around the world. We are committed to serving each and everyone of our esteemed clients the highest required product standards at the most competitive price

To cope up the rising demand for Ceylon tea, Bughary Bio Spices diversified and partnered with Ms.Afzal traders in the process of purchase tea and export. All our tea exportation is done under the name of afzal traders including the trading license.

We have made many shipments to Saudi arabia, Dubai, Iraq, Iran, Syria,Turkey and Russia. We have qualified team of tea tasters, experienced tea purchasers , quality controllers to satisfy increased demand of Pure Ceylon teas. Afzal traders started it’s humble beginnings in 1987 with the support of many tea growers in central province. Now we are one of the leading Ceylon tea exporter from Sri lanka.

Our main products are

All grades of pure Ceylon Black tea:- FBOP, PEKOE, OP, OPA, BOP, BP, CTC, FANNINGS, DUST etc.
From start to finish..

Plucking of tea leaves

By tradition tea leaves are mostly hand plucked to ensure only the bud and the two youngest leaves are chosen, which consists of the flavor and aroma. This is the first step in the manufacture of quality Ceylon tea. The plucked tea leaves are then weighed and put through the preliminary quality inspection.

Manufacturing Process of black tea:

  1.  Withering – The plucked and inspected tea leaves are now sent to the factory for the withering process using large blowers.
  2. Rolling – The leaves are cut to bring out the juices which is the start of the fermentation process. Fermentation is the most critical step, as this process will determine the flavor of the final product. The humidity, temperature and fermentation time has to be well controlled or the flavor will be dissipated.
  3.  Firing – After fermentation is completed, the leaf is fired, which locks in the flavor and aroma, and also dries it which improves the shelf life.
  4.  Sorting (Grading) – The product is separated according to the color and particle size. We administer stringent quality control during this process, to determine the standards, any product below par is rejected.

No artificial flavors, aroma intensifiers or any chemicals are added during the entire process.


Our company exports tea in bulk form in the following methods to suit individual customer requirements:-

1. Traditional ply wood tea chests
2. Aluminum lined Kraft paper sacks
3. Corrugated cartons
4. 33KG ALUFOIL BAGS Or as per customer requirements we do customize packing

It is in our best interests to build a healthy,long term relationship with your most esteemed organization. We hope you will consider giving us an opportunity to supply your tea and spice requirements, because we guarantee that you will be satisfied with not only our competitive pricing but most importantly the quality of our products and also in our ability to provide on-time delivery of each and every shipment,not to mention the ease of working with my company which will bring you peace of mind,knowing that everything from sourcing,production and delivery is being handled by professionals in this industry.


Mission of Bughary Tea is To supply premium quality of Ceylon tea which satisfying and delighting the customer desires by providing best workable prices to compete in the international market which promotes Ceylon.


Our vision is to become the leading and trusted source for Premium Quality Produce from Sri Lanka, for consumers around the world.